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so, what's rush?


We understand that rush is kind of a weird concept, so we've answered some of your frequently asked questions here to clear up any confusion.



There are so many amazing a cappella groups. What's special about Proof?

We agree! Yale is so lucky to have an amazing music scene. Proof is an SSAA jazz and swing a cappella group with a rich history and tradition of top notch music on campus. We were founded in 1975, and, since then, Proof has been singing fresh arrangements of classic jazz standards, pop songs with jazzy twists, and anything else a Proofie wants to arrange! The Proof sisterhood is strong -- we call it ProofLove. We love spending time together in and out of rehearsal, and we're a super tight-knit group. Come, give us a listen, hang out with us, and hopefully, you'll see (and hear!) it for yourself. 

Where will I hear Proof during rush?

We will be performing at Woolsey Jam (9/2 at 9pm) and Marsh Jam (9/4 at 8pm). You can also listen to Proof on our Youtube channel or our Spotify. After the first round of auditions and before callbacks, we'll have our Singing Dessert, where we'll perform a more full set, have home-baked treats, and get to chat with our amazing rushees! 

What's a typical Proof schedule - is it possible to sing with Proof and do other things?

Proof usually rehearses five hours a week - two group rehearsals for two hours, and then a one hour rehearsal just with your voice part - so yes, it's entirely possible to sing with Proof and do other things! Some of our current Proofies are also involved with theater, various publications, Yale Glee Club, service organizations, college aides, CCEs, and research labs! 

I've never sung before. Am I kidding myself?

Not at all! Some of our members had never sung with a group before joining Proof, and most of us had never sung jazz a cappella before, so don't stress about auditioning! We'd love to hear you sing, no matter your musical background!

What's an audition like?

Proof auditions are notoriously chill. We just want to hear you sing and sing with you. Head to our auditions page to read a little more about what will actually happen. TLDR: Don't panic.

Does Proof tour?

Proof tours several times a year, traveling anywhere from Proofies’ hometowns to exciting international destinations. This winter, we're headed to the hometown of both of our Claras -- NYC!  This spring, we will be touring in Seoul, Korea! While on tour, we perform at jazz clubs, hospitals, schools, and private events for Yale alumni, politicians, and whoever happens to be around when we decide to break into song! Proof tours are more than just gigs, though. There's always plenty of time for Proof adventures like ice skating, museums, beach trips, shopping, and more.

What is a rush meal? 

Rush meals are your opportunity to get to know Proof outside of the audition room. One or two of us will meet you at a residential college dining hall, and we'll eat and chat! Rush meals are so much fun - you can honestly talk about anything. We just want to get to know you, and answer any questions you might have about being in Proof, which classes to take, or argue over where to buy the best pizza in New Haven.

I've realized as a sophomore that I would really like to join Proof. Can I still rush as a sophomore?

Of course you can! You'll go through the rush process just like everyone else, and being a sophomore won't affect your chance of being tapped.

Why Pudding??

Trust us, this is a question we get asked ALL the time on campus and when we tour. "The proof of the pudding is in the tasting..." is a quote from Cervantes' Don Quixote. When Proof was founded, male a cappella groups dominated the singing scene, and Yalies were still that female groups could musically compare. So, in true Proof fashion, our name was a way of saying, "Give us a listen!" People did listen, and they loved it, leading to 45+ years of close friendships between strong, talented singers who are always "in the mood" for music.

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Didn't answer your question?

No worries! Email our rush managers and they'll be more than willing to help you out!

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