Rush Calendar 2021

September 5th: SSS Jam and Audition Sign-ups


SSS Jam is your opportunity to hear all of the groups sing. A prerecorded concert will be held in SSS followed by audition sign ups at 9pm in the courtyard.

September 10th-September 12th: Auditions in Trumbull


Auditions sound scary, but Proof auditions are honestly a lot of fun. We'll do some warm-up exercises and then hear you sing a short solo. Trust us, we've heard everything (one Proofie auditioned with Row, Row, Row Your Boat!). So, whether you've sung professionally, or just love singing along to the radio, come in and sing something you love! 

Beginning September 13nd: Rush Meals


Have a blast spending time with Proof's vibrant, hilarious and loving members in a beautiful residential college dining hall. It's not a test - just a chance for us to get to know you better. Every member of Proof has a quirky and unique collection of interests and passions and we can't wait to hear about yours! 

September 16th, 7pm:
Singing Dessert Concert in the Trumbull Courtyard


As you may be able to guess by our name, Proof takes dessert very seriously, and our singing dessert will be no different! It's a chance to hear a full-length concert and get to know the members of Proof over our two favorite things: singing and food.

*Only rushees may attend Singing Dessert*

September 18th-19th: Callbacks in Trumbull

A chance to show a different side of your incredible talent and spend a little more time with Proof. We'll do some similar exercises to the ones from your audition and you'll be able to sing another short solo of your choice.

September 22nd: TAP NIGHT

An exciting night of tradition and fun, as we welcome the next generation of Proof! Keep on your toes and await the sounds of a very very excited Proof singing to your door.