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rush calendar 2023

9/4: Marsh Jam and Audition Sign-ups


Marsh Jam is your second opportunity to hear all of the groups sing. Audition sign ups will start outside immediately after the concert.

9/7 - 9/10: Auditions in Saybrook Lyceum Room


Auditions sound scary, but Proof auditions are honestly a lot of fun. We'll do some warm-up exercises, sing a quartet with you, and then hear you sing a short solo. 

9/12 - 9/20: Rush Meals

Proof is much more than a singing group, so we want to get to know you beyond your singing! Rush meals are a chill way for us to learn more about your other interests and passions, and they're a lot of fun!

9/13: Singing Dessert Concert in the Hopper Cabaret


This is a great a chance to hear a full-length concert and get to know the members of Proof over our two favorite things: singing and food.

9/16-9/17: Callbacks in Saybrook Lyceum Room

Callbacks are a chance to show more sides of your incredible talent and spend a little more time with Proof. We'll do some similar exercises to the ones we did at your audition, and we'll assign you a solo to sing with Proof.


An exciting night of tradition and fun as we welcome the next generation of Proof! Keep on your toes and await the sounds of a very, very excited Proof singing at your door.


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