Jazz is Hot... So are You!

congratulations on your proof callback - we're so excited to hear you again!!

Much like auditions, you'll start your callback by warming up and down, first with Proof and then on your own. You'll do some listening exercises, picking a note out of a chord, and then show off your dynamic range with some swells. We'll teach you a short tune, so you can try out some harmonies with Proof. Then, you will sing your prepared quartet (see your callback notification for which part to learn!)

Soprano 1 Callback: Fever

Soprano 2 Callback: My Girl

Alto 1 Callback: Sisters

Alto 2 Callback: Bei Mir Bist du Schön



If you're called back for two different voice parts, be sure to learn both of your quartet parts!

Next, you have the option of singing a Proof solo with the rest of the group as your backup singers! There are three choices that we mentioned on your callback card: 

My Girl

Lullaby of Birdland

The Longest Time

Finally, you will sing your own solo, the style of which will also be indicated on your callback notification. As with auditions - drink water, get some sleep, and take a deep breath; we can't wait to hear you again!

Start Learning the Songs... 
(Click here for the music / videos)